Resource Management Staff

resource management park ranger

Park resource manager measuring table mountain pine, Great Smoky Mountains NP.


Resource Management and Science Staff in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Chief of Resource Management and Science: Jeff Troutman

Air Quality Program Manager: Jim Renfro

Archaeologist: Heath Bailey

Inventory and Monitoring Coordinator: Tom Remaley

Research Coordinator/Biologist: Paul Super

Botanist: Janet Rock

Cultural Resources: Dianne Flaugh

Curator: John McDade

Data Manager: Kendra Straub

Entomologist: Becky Nichols

Entomologist (USGS): Chuck Parker

Fire Ecologist: Rob Klein

Fire Management Officer: Dave Loveland

Supervisory Fishery Biologist: Matt Kulp

Supervisory Forester: Kristine Johnson

Forest Ecologist: Troy Evans

Forester: Jesse Webster

Forester Biologist: Glenn Taylor

GIS/Mapping: Tom Colson

Supervisory Wildlife Biologist: Bill Stiver

Wildlife Biologist: Joe Yarkovich

Appalachian Highlands Science Education Coordinator: Susan Sachs

For more information, contact Paul Super, 828-926-6251.

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