• Approximately 1,500 black bears live in the national park.

    Great Smoky Mountains

    National Park NC,TN

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  • Spring Road Status

    During spring, park roads may close due to ice, especially at high elevation where wet roads can freeze as temperatures drop at night. For road status information call (865) 436-1200 ext. 631 or follow updates at http://twitter.com/SmokiesRoadsNPS. More »


The library is open to the public by appointment.

The park's library and archives are open to the public by appointment.

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Research Library
The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Research Library serves park staff and volunteers, but is also made available to the visiting public by appointment. The library and the park's archives comprise a very large and valuable resource of materials relating to local history.

Located in Sugarlands Visitor Center, the library is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM. It is closed on weekends and federal holidays.

Policies for use of the library and its materials will be explained when scheduling an appointment.

To contact the library, please email or phone (865) 436-1296.


Database of the Smokies
Database of the Smokies (DOTS) is a free online bibliography of Smoky Mountain material published since 1934 (the date of the establishment of Great Smoky Mountains National Park). DOTS contains searchable records of books, scholarly and popular journal articles, government and scientific reports, theses and dissertations, maps, digitized photographs, and travel guides. Whenever copyright restrictions permit, citations are linked to the full text of the published item. DOTS can be visited on the University of Tennessee Libraries' website at: http://dots.lib.utk.edu/

Did You Know?

Fall leaf colors are most vivid at low to mid elevations.

About 100 native tree species make their home in Great Smoky Mountains National Park—more than in all of northern Europe. The park also contains one of the largest blocks of old-growth temperate deciduous forest in North America. More...