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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the bathrooms ? There are public bathrooms in the Sweetgum Picnic Area and the Ranger station near the campground entrance. There are bathrooms in each loop of the campground for campers use only.

How do I reserve the campground ? Call 1-877-444-6777. or reserve online at http://www.recreation.gov

Reservations begin six months in advance. We take reservations from Memorial Day weekend to labor Day weekend.

After Labor Day, please come in. We have over 174 campsites so there is plenty of room. We have not filled up so no worry about being fully booked. The campground is open all year round.

Is the campground safe?
Yes! The U.S. Park Police patrol the park and have its District 5 headquarters at the entrance of the park. Park personnel such as rangers and maintenance personnel are in the campground in the daytime. Campground Hosts represent the park at night . It is always good to take precautions such as storing valuables in a safe place and securing your camper or tents when not at the campsite.

Is it easy to get to the park? Yes we are right off I-95 and the Baltimore Washington Parkway.
Our address is 6565 Greenbelt Road Greenbelt, Maryland 20770.
Many visitor take advantage of the map services on the Internet.

Call the park if needed:
Park Headquarters 301-344-3948
Ranger Station 301-344-3944
U.S. Park Police 301-344-4250

Are dogs allowed in the park?
Yes, dogs are allowed in the park. The park does have a leash law. Please clean up after your pet in respect or other visitors to the park.

What should I do if I am walking the trails and notice a tree across the trail?
Please call us at 301-344-3948 to report the downed tree.
You can also e-mail us and we will forward the e-mail to the maintenance crew.|

Why haven't I heard about Greenbelt Park or the Greenbelt Park campground ? Since we are a federal government agency, we cannot spend taxpayer dollars on advertisements. We rely on word of mouth, Internet, and campground directories. We are a hidden jewel of the National Park Service.

Are there hot showers in the campground? Yes, there is a shower in each loop but not each bathroom.

Is there firewood available in the campground ? Yes we have firewood bins located in each loop but they are empty many times. Demand far exceeds availability.

Are there park programs available ? Yes depending on staffing levels. Please check the schedule online or at the Ranger station in the park.

I have some time on my hands and would like to help the park. What can I do? There are many volunteer opportunities such as invasive plant removal days, service projects, and spring and summer cleanup days.

Click here to check out the volunteer page on the latest opportunities. The volunteeer page is listed under Support Your Park.

Do you have trails in the park? Yes there are four different trails in the park ranging from one mile to six miles. All the trails are included in the brochure.

Does the campground fill ? It has come pretty close on Memorial Day weekends. It is pretty busy when numerous Boy Scout troops reserve ahead but at this time, we do not fill.

Why do you have a Scout Loop? It was decided to separate the campers from the scouts. It seems to be a Win-Win situation. Scouts get to camp and share bathrooms with other scouts. Scouts clean and upkeep their loop bathroom. Scouts reserve space throughout the year so the park can make sure there is enough sites for scouts as well as campers. Scouts can do their activities in their area and not worry about disturbing the peace and quiet in the other parts of the campground. Campers do not have to share bathrooms and showers with numerous Scout troops. Scouts will not disturb campers if they arriving late.

How do I reserve the Scout area for my troop? Call the Park at 301-344-3948. As other National Parks, we require a tour permit and proof of insurance.

Who can I write to for complaints or compliments about the park or campground? Our Park Manager is Fred Cunningham @ Greenbelt Park 6565 Greenbelt Road Greenbelt, Maryland 20770

How close is the nearest Metro station?
College Park Metro is about two miles away. They have built a brand new five story parking garage located right next to the station. There is also a parking area to the left of the station if your vehicle is too large for the parking garage. No RV's are allowed in either lot. There are directions at the ranger station.

Can I park my RV at a Metro Station? Yes RV's can park at the Greenbelt Metro Station. It is somewhat difficult to get to. It is ONLY accessible from I-95 Southbound past Route 1. It is an oversized parking area on the south side of the parking lot. To get to the RV lot, Take I-95 North to Route 1 College Park/ Laurel exit. Take Route 1 South (College Park) to the I-95 South exit (right there at the I-95 and Route 1 interchange). Take I-95 South to the Greenbelt Metro Station exit. Follow the signs to the oversized lot. This lot is not accessible from Cherrywood Lane.

Can I reserve any picnic areas in Greenbelt Park?
Yes, Holly and Laurel picnic areas can be reserved by calling Park Headquarters at 301-344-3948. They can be reserved from May 1 to October 1.

Can I ride my bikes on the trails? Since we are a National Park, our mission is to preserve this area for future generations as well as protect the wildlife as a resource. The trails are not wide enough to safely allow the interaction of hikers and bicyclists. We appreciate the bicyclists helping us preserve the trails by riding on surfaced roads only.
Fort Dupont Park does hiker-biker trails.

Do you have a Friends group?
Yes there is a Friends of Still Creek. Still Creek is the watershed that runs through Greenbelt Park. Please contact Bill Duncan at 301-345-6515 to find out how you can help the Still Creek watershed.

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