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  • Snake Creek Road and Campsites Closed

    The Snake Creek Road will be closed from the park boundary into the park to begin work on campsites, trails and restroom improvements. Work will continue until snow closes the project. Work will resume in Spring 2015.

  • Astronomy Programs to Resume August 23rd

    After a safety review Astronmy Programs will begin again on a trial basis on August 23rd. More »

  • Road Work at Great Basin National Park

    Beginning July 8, 2014 and continuing through the end of August there will be road work at Great Basin National Park on paved roads throughout the park. Delays of 10 minutes or less may occur. Updated 8/12/2014 More »

Research Permits

Great Basin National Park is the location for over 20 research projects each year. Every project must be reviewed to ensure that it satisfies regulatory requirements, is appropriate to the park setting, meets accepted scientific criteria, and does not unduly impact park resources or the visitor experience. Understanding Great Basin's resources is vital to improving park management and expanding scientific knowledge.

Permit Applications

To apply for a permit on the National Park Service's Research Permit and Reporting System web page, go to http://science.nature.nps.gov/research and submit the following:

  1. An application.
  2. A full research proposal (see the Guidelines for Study Proposals at the same web site).

Please be sure to review the National Park Service Conditions as well as the Great Basin National Park Conditions. Submit all paperwork as far in advance as possible to allow time for the review process, which takes up to 60 days. Simple applications can often be approved more quickly.

Any direct assistance you might need from the park, such as logistical support or study site selection should be requested with your permit application. Please contact the Research Permit Coordinator at (775) 234-7541 for assistance.

Terms and Conditions

General Conditions (requirements and restrictions) will be attached to all Research and Collecting Permits issued. These conditions must be adhered to by permit recipients. Additional park-specific Conditions are also included that address unique park resources or activities.

An NPS permit is valid only for the activities authorized in the permit. The principal investigator must notify the NPS in writing of any proposed changes. Requests for significant changes may necessitate re-evaluation of the permit conditions or development of a revised proposal.

Researchers working in NPS areas are required to complete an NPS Investigator's Annual Report form for each year of the permit, including the final year. The NPS maintains a system enabling researchers to use the Internet to complete and submit the Investigator's Annual Report. Investigator's Annual Reports are used to consistently document accomplishments of research conducted in parks. Principal investigators are responsible for the content of their reports. Reports with non-sensitive information are available to the public through the NPS Research Permit and Reporting System web page. Principal investigators are asked to also submit any data, reports, publications and/or other materials resulting from studies conducted in NPS areas.

Did You Know?

Bighorn Sheep

Cattle grazing was eliminated from Great Basin National Park in 1999. The South Snake Range is still home to 10-15 Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.