The Majestic Basin and Range...

In the shadow of 13,063-foot Wheeler Peak, 5,000 year old bristlecone pine trees grow on rocky glacial moraines. Come to Great Basin National Park to experience the solitude of the desert, the smell of sagebrush after a thunderstorm, the darkest of night skies, and the beauty of Lehman Caves. Far from a wasteland, the Great Basin is a diverse region that awaits your discovery.

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Milky Way over Snake Range

Astronomy Programs

Great Basin is one of the darkest places in the country and a world-class place to star gaze. The Park offers astronomy programs spring through fall.

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The Midden

Dive Deeper into the Science of Great Basin

The Midden is the resource management newsletter of Great Basin National Park.

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Deep, dark blue background representing the night sky with white specks representing stars. A white outline of a mountian ridgeline is in the background below the stars and a white outline of an observatory in the foreground.

Our Friends, Our Foundation

The Great Basin National Park Foundation is an essential element in Great Basin's past, present, and future.

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Stained Glass

Artist-in-Residence Program

The Darwin Lambert Artist-Writer In Residence Program offers artists and writers the opportunity to live and work in Great Basin National Park.

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Wheeler Peak

What is the Great Basin?

Shrouded in myth and mystery by Europeans, called dead, barren, and desolate, visitors are surprised to find it's alive, fruitful, and full of wonders

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Stella Lake

Planning a trip to Great Basin?

Check our Calendar and see what is happening while you are in the park.

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2012 Superintendent's Compendium

2014 Superintendent's Compendium

The compendium is to provide the public and park employees with a document that lists the polices imposed by the authority of the Superintendent.

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Great Basin National Park Ranger Programs

Ranger Programs

Want to learn more about Great Basin? Join one of our scheduled ranger programs!

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Astronomy Festival

Astronomy Festival

This year's Astronomy Festival is September 10-12, 2015. Enjoy three days, and nights, of fun for all ages of the family.

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