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    Governors Island

    National Monument New York


Fort Jay: Special Orders for Prisoner Guards, August 1959

After World War II, most of the soldiers at Fort Jay were military police who directed traffic, kept order on the island and guarded prisoners at Castle Williams under these orders.

NPS Museum collection GOIS-0117.

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Did You Know?

howard 8

Oliver Otis Howard (1830-1909), from Maine, graduated from West Point in 1856. During the Civil War, he fought at Manassas; Fair Oaks – where he lost his right arm; Antietam; Chancellorsville; Gettysburg; Chattanooga; Atlanta; and participated in the march across Georgia. In 1865 he headed the Freedmans’ Bureau, which resettled and enforced the rights of newly freed African-American slaves in the South. His interest in their education led him to establish Howard University in Washington, D.C. and Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. From 1886 to the end of his Army career, he commanded the U.S. Army in the Eastern United States from Governors Island.