• Visitors tour Castle Williams.

    Governors Island

    National Monument New York

For Teachers

Materials from our activity-based curriculum
Materials from our current activity-based curriculum
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Educators, want to spend your summer with the National Park Service?

We're offering a unique opportunity to spend a summer Governors Island National Monument developing curricula related to the historic and natural resources we protect. Spend time researching the longest-running military base in US History, designing and piloting new curricula, earning graduate school credit, and working with visitors and students in the park. It's called Teacher-Ranger-Teacher--find out more here!

For additional information and to apply, e-mail us.

Did You Know?

1st INF

The 1st Infantry Division is the oldest, continually active division in the modern U.S. Army. The First Expeditionary Division, later designated the 1st Infantry Division, was organized on June 8 1917, at Fort Jay, on Governors Island.