• Visitors tour Castle Williams.

    Governors Island

    National Monument New York

For Teachers

Materials from our activity-based curriculum
Materials from our current activity-based curriculum
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Educators, want to spend your summer with the National Park Service?

We're offering a unique opportunity to spend a summer Governors Island National Monument developing curricula related to the historic and natural resources we protect. Spend time researching the longest-running military base in US History, designing and piloting new curricula, earning graduate school credit, and working with visitors and students in the park. It's called Teacher-Ranger-Teacher--find out more here!

For additional information and to apply, e-mail us.

Did You Know?

Civil War-era drummer boys

Approximately two-thirds of the army musicians (drummers and fifers) trained and posted to Governors Island from 1836 to the 1870s were below the age of 21.