• Sunset view of Glacier Bay and the surrounding Fairweather Mountains.

    Glacier Bay

    National Park & Preserve Alaska


Glacier Bay National Park is a sanctuary for Alaskan wildlife and may not be the best location to bring a pet. Pets are allowed on land in only a few select areas, and may not be left unattended. Your pet must be leashed or physically restrained at all times. They are not allowed on trails, beaches, or anywhere in the backcountry, with the exception of pets that remain on board private vessels on the water.

Pets are allowed:

  • On the Bartlett Cove Public Use Dock
  • On the beach between the Bartlett Cove Public Use Dock and the National Park Service Administrative Dock
  • Within 100 feet of Bartlett Cove Developed Area park roads or parking areas unless otherwise posted
  • On a vessel on the water

Keep Bartlett Cove Clean!
All pet waste must be cleaned up and deposited within the covered trash cans in Bartlett Cove.

Did You Know?

John Muir

John Muir, beloved naturalist and father of Yosemite National Park, came to Glacier Bay in 1879 to find direct evidence of the presence of glaciers. He believed that Yosemite had been carved by glacier and was able to validate his hypothesis with what he saw in Glacier Bay.