• Sunset view of Glacier Bay and the surrounding Fairweather Mountains.

    Glacier Bay

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Camper Dropoffs and Pickups

You can arrange to be dropped off in the wilderness.
Daily tour boat dropping off kayakers in the Glacier Bay backcountry.

Into the Wild!
During the summer months, kayakers/campers can arrange with Glacier Bay Lodge to be dropped off and/or picked up by the daily tour boat at two designated dropoff locations up bay. There are two dropoffs (one in the West Arm and one near the entrance of the East Arm).

To minimize human impacts, the specific locations are changed regularly.

New for summer 2014:
The tour vessel will be alternating East and West Arm dropoff/pickups each day. Check the latest map below for the most recent locations and schedule of pickup/dropoffs.

Glacier Bay Camper-Kayaker Dropoffs for 2014

Click for map/schedule of dropoff locations

Camper Dropoff Map 2014
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Map depicts approximate locations and the approved pickup/dropoff schedule for the summer of 2014.

Did You Know?

Mt Fairweather

Captain James Cook named the tallest mountain in Glacier Bay, Mount Fairweather, in 1778. As Southeast Alaska is a temperate rainforest, with an average of only 50 sunny days a year, it would require fair-weather to see that mountain.