• Winter light on the Fairweather Range

    Glacier Bay

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

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Bring Glacier Bay to your classroom. Study otters, bears, underwater sound, halibut, the marine environment, crabs, seabirds, kelp forests, and more...

  • A pod of killer whales in Glacier Bay

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    Acoustics 1: The World of Underwater Sound

    The ocean is filled with amazing noises. Learn how marine mammals rely on sound to survive. Explore »

  • bear in the grass

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    Bears of Glacier Bay 1: Name That Bear

    Can YOU identify Glacier Bay's different bears? Explore »

  • harbor seal in Glacier Bay

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    Seals of Glacier Bay 1: Flipper Feet

    Seal? Sea lion? Learn how to tell the difference in this fun lesson. Explore »

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