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Jamaica Bay Unit Permits

NOTE: Jamaica Bay Unit is only selling permits for areas open to the public at this time.

Special Use Permits are Required for a Variety of Activities in Jamaica Bay Unit

In order to monitor and regulate the use of the park while still conserving the scenery, natural resources and historic objects, and wildlife within the park boundaries, all National Park Service Area require special use permits for certain activities.

Permit fees are non-refundable and are based on an annual cost recovery. These fees include the cost of permit processing and administration.

Jamaica Bay issues permits for the activities listed below. Additional permits from other agencies may be required for some actions. Permits are required for group campgrounds, community garden plots, archery, fishing area parking and picnicking. Call 718-338-3799 for further information.

Filming and Photography Complete the Filming and Photography Permit Application
Ceremonial Complete the Special Park Use Permit Application
Special Events
Complete the Special Park Use Permit Application

Fishing Parking Permits are a park wide permit and can be obtained in any unit of Gateway. Read the Fishing Parking Permit Fact Sheet for more information.

Breezy Point Tip: A four wheel drive beach permit will be available for $50, on February 1, 2014. The four wheel drive permit is valid anywhere at the park where the fishing parking permit is honored, but includes allowing the driver to the tip of Breezy Point. These permits are available in limited numbers, often selling out within a few weeks.

The operator must present the following equipment at the time of permit registration and carry each item at all times when driving off road at the Breezy Point Tip: 7 foot (minimum) fishing pole, reel and tackle, shovel, tow chain or rope, jack, jack support board, tire pressure gauge, appropriate spare tire, trash container (trash bag) and portable toilet. Call 718-338-3799 for season and permit distribution information.

For more information on First Amendment activities visit the Permit page.

If I still have questions about permits who do I contact?

Contact: e-mail-us.

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