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Battery Harris east in snow.

Battery Harris in the snow


Gateway's General Management Plan

Gateway is expecting to release the Final General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (GMP/EIS) in spring 2014. As part of finalizing the GMP, Gateway will be completing National Historic Preservation Act compliance in consultation with the New York and New Jersey State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs). The impact of the GMP/EIS on historic properties cannot be fully evaluated at this time and will require further evaluation and consultation. Implementation of the GMP may result in adverse effects to cultural resources. NPS developed a "process" Programmatic Agreement (PA) that will provide a framework for future consultations with the SHPOs related to GMP implementation.

NPS consulted with the New York and New Jersey SHPOs, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) as well as federally recognized tribes and invited them to participate in the development of this draft PA. The ACHP declined to participate. NPS will continue to consult with the SHPOs and federally recognized tribes to execute the PA and during implementation of the GMP.

Beach clubs, including Silver Gull and Breezy Point, are some of the business concessions operating at Gateway.

Ortega Enterprises. Used by permission.

Looking for a beach club or other business at Gateway?

A list of websites and phone numbers of concessions operating at Gateway, including the Silver Gull and Breezy Point beach clubs, can be found here.

Fort Hancock

RFEI 2013

The National Park Service, with the advice of the Fort Hancock 21st Century Advisory Committee, is seeking interested parties to redevelop historic structures in the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area. Submissions are due by 5 pm December 16, 2013. Individuals, governmental agencies, not-for-profit and for-profit orgnizations are welcome to submit proposals. All legal uses will be considered.There will be two site visits: November 6 and November 14 at 10 a.m. Read more

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Jacob Riis

Journalist Jacob Riis was called "New York's most useful citizen," by Theodore Roosevelt. Riis often accompanied Police Commissioner Roosevelt in raids exposing the hardship of life for New York City's poor and immigrant populations and published his photos in newspapers. More...