• Get away to Gateway, where you can camp and stay healthy with heart-smart activities. Photo by Sebastiano Privitera; used by permission.


    National Recreation Area NY,NJ


A woodcock at Gateway.

A woodcock.


Gateway is Great for Birds and Birdwatchers

Gateway has over 325 species of birds, most of them visiting as they migrate along the Atlantic Flyway. Some of these bird species, such as the piping plover, are threatened or endangered. They find food, shelter and protection within the borders of this national park.

The Birds of Gateway Field Guide features 12 of the more noticeable species in the parks three units of Sandy Hook, Staten Island and Jamaica Bay, along with the seasons when these birds can be seen here. Advanced birders might prefer the Jamaica Bay Bird Checklist. How many species can you spot?

Our new webpage features Bird Biographies of some of the better known birds you might see at Gateway.

Blue heron photo by Greg Miller. Used by permission.
Blue herons visit all three units of Gateway. A visitor took this photo at Sandy Hook in Highlands, N.J.
Photo by Greg Miller. Used by permission.

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