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  • Sand Replenishment at Jacob Riis Park Beach

    Sand replenishment at Jacob Riis Park Beach has begun. During this project, sections of the beach will be closed to the public for their safety. Replenishment is expected to take up to two weeks.

  • The Floyd Bennett Field Archery Range will be closed on October 22

    Sections of the archery range parking lot will be excavated by the Army Corps of Engineers, to remove defunct fuel lines. The archery range will reopen October 23.


Grey Tree Frog

Grey tree frogs can stick to trees and other rough surfaces thanks to their specialized toe pads.


Eastern Grey Tree Frog (Hyla versicolor)

This frog’s scientific name, Hyla versicolor is very indicative of its behavioral adaptation to change color from bright green to grayish brown in seconds for protective purposes. Individuals have dark markings on their back and a white unmarked body. In addition to this, a bright orange or yellow patch is hidden on the insides of their thighs which can only be viewed when the legs are extended. The eastern grey tree frog is known for its ability to scale most surfaces with the help of their sticky toe pads that secrete mucous. These frogs prefer wooded habitats, tend to hide in crevices during the day, and come out to feed on insects and other invertebrates at night. One of the most interesting facts about this frog is its ability to freeze parts of its body for days at a time in the winter. This is accomplished through the use of cryoprotectants or “antifreeze” proteins to avoid freezing of essential organs. In the spring and summer they breed and fill the trees with their hearty resonating trill.


Did You Know?

Fort Wadsworth

Fort Wadsworth, located on Staten Island at the Narrows (next to the Verrazano Bridge), is one of the oldest military sites in the nation. This site has controlled the entrance to New York Harbor since the Washington administration.