Enjoying the beach at Sandy Hook

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Gateway National Recreation Area announces Food and beverage opportunities at Sandy Hook, NJ. The park will issue up to fourteen (14) in-park Commercial Use Authorizations (CUAs) to be located in the park's beach centers (B, C, D, E, G, I and the Ferry Dock). Sandy Hook is located a the northern end of the New Jersey shore, connected by Route 36 in Monmouth County. The approximately 7 miles of spectacular ocean and bay waters make Sandy Hook a favorite Jersey Shore getaway.

Questions about this opportunity are due on March 2, 2015, and the application due date is March 20, 2015. For more information click here.

Children kayak in Jamaica Bay.

Children kayak in Jamaica Bay.


General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement Approved

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the planning team, I am pleased to announce that the Record of Decision for the General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement for Gateway National Recreation Area has been approved.

It is the culmination of a great deal of time, effort, energy and input from members of the public; New York City agencies; other federal, state and local agencies; interested organizations and their members; and the National Park Service. The comments and suggestions that many of you provided made the final plan an even stronger vision for the future of Gateway - your participation has made a difference.

The National Park Service values you interest in continuing a meaningful connection with the park, and we look forward to implementing this plan with your support. As the life of this GMP is expected to be 20 years, it may be many years before some of the projects in the plan are funded and implemented. In some cases, there will be additional opportunities for public participation to refine the details while remaining consistent with the GMP direction. The NPS will do our best to be true to the intent of the GMP.

On behalf of the National Park Service family, please accept our most sincere gratitude for your commitment and dedication to this process over the past 5 years. It is time now to come together in the work ahead to implement the plan.

The Record of Decision is available here.


Jennifer T. Nersesian
Gateway National Recreation Area


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Looking for a beach club or other business at Gateway?

A list of websites and phone numbers of concessions operating at Gateway, including the Silver Gull and Breezy Point beach clubs, can be found here.


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