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Fort Hancock Between Wars

Railway artillery soldiers worked along the beaches of Sandy Hook.

Fort Hancock was home to the 52nd Coast Artillery from 1930-1943.

NPS/Gateway NRA

While the population of Fort Hancock was reduced during peacetime, the Fort was still an active Army post. In addition to soldiers firing large cannon and railway guns, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Citizens Military Training Camp (CMTC) brought young men to Fort Hancock in the 1920s and 1930s. Below are their stories.

John Bishop, Battery E, 52nd Coast Artillery, pdf

John Bishop and Al Zwiazak, 52nd Coast Artillery, pdf
Topic: Events of 1939 (World's Fair, Visit of the King and Queen of Great Britain, etc.)

Joseph Botti, 7th Coast Artillery, pdf

Florence Burkhardt, Lighthouse keeper's daughter, 1930-38, pdf

Paul Cavicchia, Citizens' Military Training Camp, pdf

Leo Contois, Jr. and Rita Contois Roman, pdf
Dependents of Leo Contois

Andrew Daino, Civilian Conservation Corps, pdf

Bernie Duze, post tailor, pdf

F. Lee Feakes, Fort Hancock employee, pdf

Albert Germaine, dependent, pdf

Charles Hulit and Ed Gildner, 52nd Coast Artillery, pdf

Bailey H. Kincheon and children, Assistant Post Surgeon, pdf

Joseph Konick, 7th Coast Artillery, pdf

Marion Hand Marker, 1930-40, daughter of Weather Bureau Meteorologist Clarence Hand, and Al Marker, Army laborer 1942-43, pdf

Violet Murray Masciale, schoolteacher, pdf

John Mulhern, child of water plant operator, 1908-1927

Colonel Henry Neri, 245th Coast Artillery, 1929-1947, pdf

Thomas Pandolf, 9th and 244th Coast Artillery, pdf

Irwin Blub Parker, civilian employee, 1918-1920, pdf

James Pike, railroad engineer 1917-1949, pdf

John Reardon, Citizens Military Training Camp, pdf

Arthur Thomas, 7th and 52nd Coast Artillery, pdf

Al Zwiazek, 52nd Coast Artillery, (Railway guns), pdf
Topic: Daily Fort Hancock Life

Al Zwiazek, 52nd Coast Artillery, (Railway Guns), pdf
Topic: Working on Railway Guns

Al Zwiazek, 52nd Coast Artillery, (Railway guns), pdf
Topic: Minorities and Women at Fort Hancock

Al Zwiazek, 52nd Coast Artillery, (Railway guns), pdf
Topic: Walking tour of Fort Hancock

Al Zwiazek, 52nd Coast Artillery (Railway guns), pdf
Topic: Daily routine at Fort Hancock

Al Zwiazek, 52nd Coast Artillery (Railway guns), pdf
Topic: About firing guns and guard duty, and walking guard

Al Zwiazek, 52nd Coast Artillery (Railway guns), pdf
Topic: Guard duty, pay, firing at Lewes, De, uniforms

Al Zwiazek, 52nd Coast Atrtillery (Railway guns), pdf
Topic: Buildings of Fort Hancock

CCC Co. 288 at Fort Hancock.
Work crew of CCC Company 288 in the 1930s at Fort Hancock.
NPS/Gateway NRA Museum Collection.

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