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Order of Battle Fredericksburg Reserve Grand Division

Order of Battle Reserve Grand Division Fredreicksburg December 11-15, 1862

Reserve Grand Division:
Major General Franz Sigel

Eleventh Corps Army of the Potomac:
Brigadier General Julius Stahel

Brigadier General Carl Schurz

First Division:
Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean

1st Brigade:
Colonel Leopold von Gilsa

8th New York
41st New York
45th New York
54th New York
153rd Pennsylvania

2nd Brigade:
Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean

17th Connecticut
25th Ohio
55th Ohio
75th Ohio
107th Ohio

Cavalry Brigade:
Colonel Louis P. Di Cesnola

Connecticut Cavalry, 1st Battalion
4th New York
9th New York
6th Ohio

Divisional Artillery:
Captain William L. De Beck

2nd New York Battery
13th New York Battery
1st Ohio, Company K

Second Division:
Brigadier General Adolf von Steinwehr

1st Brigade:
Colonel Adolfus Buschbeck

29th New York
154th New York
27th Pennsylvania
73rd Pennsylvania

2nd Brigade:
Colonel Orland Smith

33rd Massachusetts
134th New York
136th New York
73rd Ohio

Divisional Artillery:

1st New York, Battery I
12th Ohio Battery

Third Division:
Brigadier General Carl Schurz

1st Brigade:
Colonel Alexander Schimmelfennig

82nd Illinois
68th New York
157th New York
61st Ohio
74th Pennsylvania
1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery I

2nd Brigade:
Colonel Wladimir Krzyzanowski

58th New York
119th New York
75th Pennsylvania
26th Wisconsin
1st [West] Virginia Artillery, Battery C


1st Indiana Cavalry (two companies)
82nd Ohio
17th Pennsylvania Cavalry
3rd [West] Virginia Cavalry (two companies)

Twelth Corps Army of the Potomac:
Major General Henry Slocum

Headquarters Escort:
12th Illinois Cavalry, Company A

First Division:
Brigadier General Alpheus Williams

1st Brigade:
Colonel Joseph Knipe

5th Connecticut
10th Maine
28th New York
46th Pennsylvania
128th Pennsylvania

2nd Brigade:
Brigadier General Thomas Kane

20th Connecticut
123rd New York
124th Pennsylvania
125th Pennsylvania

3rd Brigade:
Colonel John Murphy

27th Indiana
2nd Massachusetts
13th New Jersey
107th New York
29th Pennsylvania
3rd Wisconsin


1st Maine, Company H
1st Michigane, Company L

Divisional Artillery:
Captain Robert Fitzhugh

1st New York, Battery K
1st New York, Battery M
4th United States, Battery F

Second Division:
Brigadier General John White Geary

1st Brigade:
Colonel Charles Candy

5th Ohio
7th Ohio
29th Ohio
66th Ohio
28th Pennsylvania
147th Pennsylvania
12th Illinois Cavalry
1st Maryland Cavalry (three companies)

2nd Brigade:
Colonel Joseph Sudsburg

3rd Maryland
60th New York
145th New York

3rd Brigade:
Brigadier General George (Pap) Greene

78th New York
102nd New York
137th New York
149th New York
109th Pennsylvania
111th Pennsylvania


1st Maine, Company H

Divisional Artillery:
Major Luther Kieffer

6th Maine Battery
1st Pennsylvania, Battery E Independent Light Artillery (Knap's)
1st Pennsylania, Battery F

Union High Command.
Right Grand Division.
Center Grand Division.
Left Grand Division.
Union Cavalry.

Orders of Battle Page.

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Clara Barton is famous for founding the American Red Cross. She learned of the International Red Cross while vacationing in Europe after the Civil War. Upon her return to the US she started a lengthy campaign for the US to join this international organization and then created the first chapter.