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Order of Battle Fredericksburg Confederate 2nd Corps

Second Corps Army of Northern Virginia:
Lieutenant General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson

D. H. Hill’s Division:
Major General Daniel Harvey Hill

First Brigade.
Brigadier General Robert Rodes

3rd Alabama
5th Alabama
6th Alabama
12th Alabama
26th Alabama

Second (Ripley's) Brigade.
Brigadier General George Doles

4th Georgia
44th Georgia: Col. John Estes
1st North Carolina
3rd North Carolina

Third Brigade:
Brigadier General Alfred Colquitt

13th Alabama
6th Georgia
23rd Georgia
27th Georgia
28th Georgia

Fourth Brigade:
Brigadier General Alfred Iverson

5th North Carolina
12th North Carolina
20th North Carolina
23rd North Carolina

Fifth (Ramseur's) Brigade:
Colonel Bryan Grimes

2nd North Carolina
4th North Carolina
14th North Carolina
30th North Carolina

Divisional Artillery:
Major Hilary Jones

Hardaway's (Alabama) Battery
Jeff Davis (Alabama) Artillery (Bondurant's Battery)
King William (Virginia) Artillery (Carter's Battery)
Morris (Virginia) Artillery (Page's Battery)
Orange (Virginia) Artillery (Fry's Battery)

A. P. Hill’s Division:
Major General Ambrose Powell Hill

First (Field's) Brigade:
Colonel John M. Brockenbrough

40th Virginia
47th Virginia: Col. Robert M. Mayo.
55th Virginia
22nd Virginia Battalion: Lieut. Col. E.P. Tayloe.

Second Brigade.
(1.) Brigadier General Maxcy Gregg (mw)
(2.) Colonel D. H. Hamilton

1st South Carolina (P. A.): Col. D. H. Hamilton
1st South Carolina Rifles
12th South Carolina
13th South Carolina
14th South Carolina: Col. Samuel McGowan

Third Brigade:
Brigadier General Edward Thomas

14th Georgia
35th Georgia
45th Georgia
49th Georgia

Fourth Brigade:
Brigadier General James Lane

7th North Carolina: Lieut. Col. J. L. Hill
18th North Carolina: Col. Thomas Purdie
28th North Carolina: Col. S. D. Lowe
33rd North Carolina: Col. Clark Avery
37th North Carolina: Col. W. M. Barbour

Fifth Brigade:
Brigadier General James J. Archer

5th Alabama Battalion:
Maj. A. S. Van de Graaff
Capt. S. D. Stewart
19th Georgia: Lieut. Col. A. J. Hutchins
1st Tennessee: (Provisional Army):
Col. Peter Turney
Lieut. Col. N.J. George
Capt. M. Turney
Capt. H. J. Hawkins
7th Tennessee: Col. John F. Goodner
14th Tennessee: Lieut. Col. J. W. Lockert

Sixth Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General William Dorsey Pender (w)
(2.) Colonel Alfred Scales

13th North Carolina: Col. Alfred Scales
16th North Carolina: Col. John McElroy
22nd North Carolina: Maj. Christopher C. Cole
34th North Carolina
38th North Carolina

Divisional Artillery:
Lieutenant Colonel Reuben Walker

Branch (North Carolina) Artillery: Lieut. J. R. Potts
Crenshaw (Virginia) Battery: Lieut. J. Ellett
Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery: Lieut. Edward A. Marye
Johnson's (Virginia) Battery: Lieut. V. J. Clutter
Letcher (Virginia) Artillery: Capt. G. Davidson.
Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery: Capt. David Mcintosh
Purcell (Virginia) Artillery: Capt. William Pegram

Ewell's Division:
Brigadier General Jubal (Old Jube) Early

Lawton's Brigade:
(1.) Colonel E. N. Atkinson (w, c)
(2.) Colonel Clement Evans

13th Georgia: Col. J. M. Smith
26th Georgia: Capt. B. F. Grace
31st Georgia: Col. C. A. Evans
38th Georgia: Capt. William McLeod
60th Georgia: Col. W. H. Stiles
61st Georgia: Col. J. H. Lamar and Maj. C.W. McArthur

Trimble' s Brigade:
Colonel Robert F. Hoke (I)

15th Alabama
12th Georgia
21st Georgia: Lieut. Col. Thomas Hooper
21st North Carolina
1st North Carolina Battalion

Early's Brigade:
Colonel James Walker

13th Virginia: Lieut. Col. J. B. Terrill.
25th Virginia
31st Virginia
44th Virginia
49th Virginia
52nd Virginia
58th Virginia

Hays' (First Louisiana) Brigade:
Brigadier General Harry Hays

5th Louisiana
6th Louisiana
7th Louisiana
8th Louisiana
9th Louisiana

Divisional Artillery:
Captain Joseph Latimer

Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery:
Carrington, Chesapeake (Maryland) Artillery: Lieut. John Plater
Courtney (Virginia) Artillery: Lieut. William Tanner
First Maryland Battery: Capt. William Dement
Louisiana Guard Artillery: Capt. Louis E. D'Aquin
Staunton (Virginia) Artillery: Lieut. Asher W. Garber

Jackson’s Division:
Brigadier General William Taliaferro

First Brigade (Stonewall Brigade):
Brigadier General Elisha (Bull) Paxton

2nd Virginia, Capt. J. Q.A. Nadenbousch.
4th Virginia:
Lieut. Col. R. D. Gardner.
Maj. William Terry.
5th Virginia, Lieut. Col. H. J. Williams.
27th Virginia, Lieut. Col. J. K. Edmondson.
33rd Virginia, Col. Edwin G. Lee.

Second Brigade:
Brigadier General John R. Jones

21st Virginia
42nd Virginia
48th Virginia
1st Virginia Battalion

Third (Taliaferro's) Brigade:
Colonel E. T. H. Warren

47th Alabama: Capt. James Campbell
48th Alabama: Capt. C. B. St. John
10th Virginia: Capt. W. B. Yancey
23rd Virginia: Capt. A. J. Richardson
37th Virginia: Col. T. V. Williams

Fourth (Stark's) Brigade.
Colonel Edmund Pendleton

1st Louisiana (Volunteers): Lieut. Col. M. Nolan
2nd Louisiana: Maj. M. A. Grogan
10th Louisiana: Maj. John Legett.
14th Louisiana: Capt. H. M. Verlander.
15th Louisiana
Coppens' (Louisiana) Battalion

Divisional Artillery:
Captain John B. Brockenbrough (w)

Carpenter's (Virginia) Battery: Lieut. George McKendree.
Danville (Virginia) Artillery: Capt. G.W. Weeding.
Hampden (Virginia) Artillery: Capt. W. H. Caskie.
Lee (Virginia) Artillery: Lieut. C. W. Statham
Lusk's (Virginia) Battery

Reserve Artillery:
Brigadier General William Pendleton

Brown's Battalion:
Colonel J. Thompson Brown

Brooke's (Virginia) Battery
Dance's Battery (Powhatan Artillery)
Salem (Virginia) Artillery: Hupp's Battery
Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery: Poagues Battery
2nd Battery Richmond Howitzers: Watson's Battery
3rd Company Richmond Howitzers: Smith’s Battery

Cutts' (Georgia) Battalion.

Lane's Battery
Patterson's Battery
Ross' Battery: Capt. H. M. Ross

Nelson's Battalion:
Major William Nelson

Amherst (Virginia) Battery: Kirkpatrick's Battery
Fluvanna (Virginia) Artillery: Massie's Battery
Milledge's (Georgia) Battery

Miscellaneous Batteries.

Ells' (Georgia) battery.
Hanover (Virginia) Artillery, Nelson’s Battery

1st Corps Order of Battle.
Cavalry Order of Battle.

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Did You Know?

Fredericksburg National Cemetery Headstone

About 85% of the dead in the Fredericksburg National Cemetery are unknown. Most of the dead are from the Civil War, but about 100 are 20th century American soldiers and there are a few spouses of soldiers.