• Fredericksburg Battlefield: Sunken Road, Stone Wall and Innis House sunrise

    Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania

    National Military Park Virginia

Order of Battle Chancellorsville 11th Corps

Eleventh Army Corps:

Major General Oliver Otis Howard

Chief of Artillery:
Lieutenant Colonel Louis Schirmer

Headquarters Escort:

1st Indiana Cavalry, (2 Companies) I and K: Capt. Abram Sharra

Provost Guard:

8th New York (1 company), Lieutenant Herman Rosenkranz.

First Division:
(1.) Brigadier General Charles Devens, Jr (w)
(2.) Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean

First Brigade:
Colonel Leopold von Gilsa

41st New York: Maj. Detleo von Einsiedel
45th New York: Col. George von Amsberg
54th New York:
Lieut. Col. Charles Ashby (c)
Maj Stephen Kovacs
153rd Pennsylvania:
Col. Charles Glanz (c)
Lieut. Col. Jacob Dachrodt

Second Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean
(2.) Colonel John Lee

17th Connecticut:
Col. William H. Noble (w)
Maj. Allen G. Brady
25th Ohio:
Col. William P. Richardson (w)
Maj. Jeremiah Williams
55th Ohio:
Col. John Lee
Lieut. Col. Charles B. Gambee
75th Ohio:
Col. Robert Reily (k)
Capt. Benjamin Morgan
107th Ohio:
Col. Seraphim Meyer (w-c)
Lieut. Col. Charles Mueller

Divisional Artillery:

13th New York Light Artillery: Capt. Julius Dieckmann

Second Division:
Brigadier General Adolph von Steinwehr

First Brigade:
Colonel Adolphus Buschbeck

29th New York:
Lieut. Col. Louis Hartmann (w)
Maj. Alex. von Schluembach
154th New York:
Col. Patrick H. Jones (w)
Lieut. Col. Henry C. Loomis
27th Pennsylvania: Lieut. Col. Lorenz Cantador
73rd Pennsylvania: Lieut. Col. William Moore (w)

Second Brigade:
Brigadier General Francis Barlow

33rd Massachusetts, Col. Adin B. Underwood
134th New York, Col. Charles R. Coster
136th New York, Col. James Wood Jr
73rd Ohio, Col. Orland Smith

Divisional Artillery:

1st New York Light Artillery, Battery I: Capt. Michael Wiedrich

Third Division:
Major General Carl Schurz


82d Ohio Infantry: Col. James S. Robinson

First Brigade:
Brigadier General Alexander Schimmelfennig

82d Illinois:
Col. Frederick Hecker (w)
Maj. Ferdinand H. Rolshausen (w)
Capt. Jacob Lasalle
68th New York: Col. Gotthilf Bourry
157th New York: Col. Philip P. Brown Jr
61st Ohio: Col. Stephen J. McGroarty
74th Pennsylvania: Lieut. Col. Adolph von Hartung

Second Brigade:
Colonel Wladimir Krzyzanowski

58th New York:
Capt. Frederick Braun (mw)
Capt. Emil Koenig
119th New York:
Col. Elias Peissner (k)
Lieut. Col. John T. Lockman
75th Pennsylvania: Col. Francis Mahler
26th Wisconsin: Col. William. H. Jacobs

Divisional Artillery:

1st Ohio Light Artillery: Battery I, Capt. Hubert (Leather Breeches) Dilger

Eleventh Corps Reserve Artillery
Lieutenant Colonel Louis Schirmer

2nd New York Light Artillery: Capt. Hermann Jahn
1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery K: Capt. William L. DeBeck
1st West Virginia Light Artillery, Battery C: Capt. Wallace Hill

Union High Command.
1st Army Corps.

2nd Army Corps.

3rd army Corps.

5th Army Corps.

6th Army Corps.

12th Army Corps.

Union Cavalry Corps.

Orders of Battle Page.

Did You Know?

Confederate artillerists on Marye's Heights

Burnside's objective in attacking Marye's Heights is unknown. His orders simply state, "Push a column of a division or more along the Plank and Telegraph roads, with a view to seizing the heights in the rear of the town."