• The Gallatin House

    Friendship Hill

    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was Albert Gallatin born?
A: January 29 1761

Q: Where was he born?
A: Geneva, Switzerland

Q: When did Gallatin come to America?
A: 1780

Q: How did Gallatin end up in Western Pennsylvania?
A: He was surveying and interested in land speculation in the Ohio Valley.

Q: Why did Gallatin name his property Friendship Hill?
A: Because of his friendship with other business partners

Q: What types of business ventures did Gallatin pursue?
A: Glass manufacturing, milling and musket production

Q: How Gallatin meet Sophia Allegre?
A: Gallatin stayed at a Richmond, VA boardinghouse run by Sophia’s mother.

Q: When did Gallatin and Sophia marry?
A: May 14, 1789

Q: What did Sophia die from?
A: Unknown illness or possibly a miscarriage.

Q: Why was Gallatin expelled from the U.S. Senate?
A: He failed the citizenship requirements.

Q: How many terms did Gallatin serve in the U.S. House of Representatives?
A: Three

Q: How long did Gallatin serve as Secretary of Treasury?
A: 13 years, the only person to serve that length of time in that office.

Q: What was Gallatin’s political affiliation?
A: Antifederalist

Q: How did Gallatin meet Hannah Nicholson?
A: Gallatin met Hannah through her father Commodore Nicholson, Gallatin's business partner, during his frequent trips to New York City.

Q: Why did Hannah Gallatin not like living at Friendship Hill
A: She was a “city belle” and liked the social aspects of urban living

Q: How many children did the Gallatins have?
A: Six, however only three live to adulthood.

Q: How long did Gallatin serve as Minister to France?
A: 1816 to 1823, 7 years

Q: What is the longest span of time the Gallatins resided at Friendship Hill?
A: May 1824 to October 1825, Appx. 18 months

Q: What did Gallatin do after leaving Friendship Hill?
A: He returned to diplomatic service as the U.S. Minister to Great Britain.

Q: Where is Albert Gallatin buried?
A: In the Trinity Churchyard, in lower Manhattan, New York City, with Hannah Nicholson Gallatin.

Did You Know?

Albert Gallatin

Nineteen year old Albert Gallatin came to America in 1780, in the midst of the American Revolution. He and a partner landed near Boston with $400 and a load of tea to sell. They failed to make a profit.