Things To Do

Visitor Center

Every visit should begin at the visitor center. Talk to a ranger or volunteer at the information desk to pick up tickets for a guided tour of the historic house and find out what's happening in the park. Exhibits, brochures, and a 17-minute film tell the inspirational story of Frederick Douglass's life. The bookstore, restrooms, and a water fountain are located here.
Historic House

Most people visit the site to see Frederick Douglass's historic house and its awe-inspiring collection. The only way to get inside is to be on a guided tour. Tours enter the house at scheduled times. Reservations are highly recommended.

In addition to the historic house, the park protects eight acres of Frederick Douglass's original estate. Walk the grounds, use the space for recreation, or just sit and relax for a while. Points of interest include the Growlery, a garden, and a variety of trees (some of which date to Douglass's time). Admire the house's exterior and its sweeping view of Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.
View of downtown Washington, D.C., including the Washington Monument and U.S. Capitol

Frederick Douglass had a spectacular view that continues to impress visitors today.


Nearby Attractions

Take time to see Anacostia and visit other sites within a mile of the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site:

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