• Cedar Hill

    Frederick Douglass

    National Historic Site District of Columbia


The Douglass Home sits atop Cedar Hill. The home is reachable by taking 85 stairs or by using a long ramp.

The first floor of the home is wheelchair accessible (after traveling up the ramp from the bottom of the hill).

The second floor is only attainable by ascending a flight of stairs. Staff will provide a photo tour of the second floor for any visitors unable to reach it.

With staff permission it is possible for personal vehicles to drop a visitor off at the top of Cedar Hill. Please enquire in the visitor center before driving up. No vehicles larger than a 15 passenger van will be granted access.

The visitor center (at the bottom of the hill) is accessible and the 17-minute film "Frederick Douglass: Fighter for Freedom" is closed captioned as well as having both assisted and descriptive listening devices (maximum four devices available at one time).

If you would like a sign language interpreter for your tour please notify us two weeks in advance.

Did You Know?