• Cedar Hill

    Frederick Douglass

    National Historic Site District of Columbia


Physical / Mobility

The visitor center is accessible. The parking lot has handicap spaces with access to the visitor center.

The historic house is on top of a large hill. A paved ramp provides access from the visitor center and parking lot to the top of the hill.

With staff permission, visitors may use their personal vehicles to drop people off at the top of the hill. Please inquire in the visitor center before driving up. Due to size restrictions, no vehicles larger than a 15-passenger van will be granted access.

The first floor of the historic house is accessible. The second floor can only be reached by stairs. There is no elevator inside the house. Staff can provide a photo tour of the second floor for any visitors unable to reach it.


Deaf / Hearing Loss

The 17-minute film "Frederick Douglass: Fighter for Freedom" is closed-captioned. Assisted and descriptive listening devices are available by request.

If you would like to request a sign-language interpreter, please notify us two weeks in advance by contacting us.

Did You Know?