• Interior Water Color of Ford's Theatre

    Ford's Theatre

    National Historic Site District of Columbia

Things To Do

Park Rangers and Volunteers in historical dress.

Park Rangers and Volunteers in historical dress.

Join a Ranger Program. Park Rangers and Park Volunteers do a variety of programs, including Living History and Informal Interpretive programs. Or you can attend One Destiny (offered in the spring and early summer), featuring costumed actors who portray two historical figures present the night of the assassination. Tour Ford's Theatre Museum, see rare artifacts such as the deringer used by John Wilkes Booth. 30-45 minutes. Rent an Acoustiguide an audio tour available in both youth and adult versions and featuring character voices, sound effects and historic photos related to the history of Ford's Theatre. Or take a walking tour of the neighborhood around Ford's Theatre with a historic figure from Civil War Washington.

Did You Know?

John Wilkes Booth Escapes

On the night of Lincoln’s assassination, John Wilkes Booth planned to have other men assassinate Secretary of State William Seward and Vice President Andrew Johnson. Lewis Powell attacked Seward in his home in Washington. Seward survived. The attack on the Vice President did not take place.