• Fort Parade Ground and Officers Quarters as seen from Guardhouse

    Fort Scott

    National Historic Site Kansas

Weapons-Tools of the Trade

Infantry soldier with accoutrements
The accouterments and weapons of the infantry soldier are as follows:
  • Bayonet Sling-made of white leather. Holds the bayonet. Used by the infantry.
  • Cartridge Box-made of black leather. Used to hold cartridges. Cartridges were cylindrical tubes of paper that contained a charge of black powder and a bullet or ball.
  • Cartridge Sling-made of white leather. Used by the infantry to carry their cartridge boxes.
  • Waist Belt-made of white leather. Goes around the waist and has a belt buckle attached. Used by the infantry.
  • Whisk and Pick-used to clean black powder residue out of the pan and the touchhole of the musket.
  • Bayonet-A metal spearlike weapon, detachable, and affixes to the ends of muskets and
    rifles. Used in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Musket-a long smoothbore weapon. The muskets used at Fort Scott were flintlocks.

Dragoon soldier with accoutrements
The accouterments and weapons of the dragoon soldier are as follows:
  • Carbine Sling-made of white leather. It hooked on to a ring that was on the carbine and musketoon. Used to hold the dragoon's weapon, leaving both hands free to hold the reins of the horses.
  • Saber Belt-Made of white leather. It was really a waist belt and a saber sling combined into one.
  • Cap Box-made of black leather. Used to hold percussion caps.
  • Carbine-a smoothbore weapon used by the dragoons. It had a shorter barrel than the musket. Most carbines were breechloaders and were also percussion weapons.
  • Musketoon- similar to the carbine, but it was a muzzleloader. Used by the dragoons.
  • Saber-like a sword, but with a curved blade. Used by the dragoons in mounted combat.
  • Pistol-single shot weapons used by the dragoons in mounted combat. It was a weapon of last resort. It was holstered on the saddle of the horse.
  • Walker-Colt Revolver-used by mounted troops in the late 1840s and early 1850s. It was capable of having six rounds loaded in it at once.
Soldier Shouldering Weapons
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