Infantry Soldier-Tools of the Trade

Infantry Soldier Model BrogansFatigue CapCartridge SlingBayonet SlingWaist Belt

The tools in this case are the parts of the infantry soldier's uniform and his accouterments

  • Brogans-Made with leather-black and square toed.
  • Dress Jacket-Used for dress parades and guard duty. Dark blue with white piping and double breasted row of buttons.
  • Shako-Tall hat, made of wool with white cotton plume. Used as part of the dress uniform.
  • Neck Stock-A Black Band of Leather worn around the neck. It helped (somewhat) to protect the soldier from saber wounds to the neck.
  • Fatigue Cap or Wheel Cap-Made of wool with leather visor-the everyday cap of the soldier.
  • Fatigue Jacket-made of wool-sky blue-with white piping
  • Fatigue Trousers-plain, sky blue, wool-sergeants and corporals had stripes on their pants
  • Cotton or Flannel Undershirt Wheel Cap Fatigue Jacket
  • Bayonet Sling-made of white leather. Holds the bayonet.

Infantry soldier with weapon
  • Bayonet-A metal spearlike weapon, detachable, and affixes to the ends of muskets and rifles. Used in hand-to-hand combat. Also used unofficially by privates as a spit, a tent peg, or a candleholder.
  • Cartridge Box-made of black leather. Used to hold cartridges. Cartridges were cylindrical tubes of paper that contained a charge of black powder and a bullet or ball.
  • Cartridge Sling-made of white leather. Used by the infantry to carry their cartridge boxes.
  • Waist Belt-made of white leather. Goes around the waist and has a belt buckle attached.
  • Whisk and Pick-used to clean black powder residue out of the pan and the touchhole of the musket.
  • Musket-a long smoothbore weapon. The muskets used at Fort Scott were flintlocks.
Infantry Hunting Horn

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