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    Fort Scott

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    Beginning Monday August 25, the infantry barracks museum will be closed for remodeling and to prepare for a new theater and exhibits. Work is expected to be completed by spring of 2015. The site's movie will be played in the visitor center upon request.

Laundress-Laundry Prices

Accurate Prices

July, 1846

From: Council of Administration

To: Post Laundresses

Prices for laundry and mending

Set Price for laundry: $.50 per month per soldier.


  • Small $.01 per button
  • Large $.03 per button


  • Drawers $.09
  • Shirts $.10
  • Coats $.25
  • Vests $.12
  • Pantaloons $.19
  • Great Coat $.37 ½


  • Vests $.37
  • Pantaloons $.37 ½
  • Coats $.40
  • Shortening vest $.12 ½
  • Lengthening vest $.20
  • 1 yard muslin thread $.20

Chairman of council
Captain Sidney Burbank
Commander of Fort Scott

Washtub and Bucket
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Did You Know?

The Courier, by Gary Hawk. Artwork shows no wall around Fort Scott

Fort Scott never did have a wall around it. It was built upon a bluff which had three steep sides and opened up to prairie in a gradual slope on the south. Many forts were not built with walls at the time; the fort with a stockade is more a product of Hollywood mythology than actual fact.