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    Fort Larned

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Did you know Fort Larned has over 100 active volunteers?

Volunteers help in many ways from living history and visitor services to behind-the-scenes projects. "Enlist" today and make a difference! Anyone can be a volunteer!

To find out how you can help, Contact Us and ask about volunteering. We will work with you to match your interests, talents, time, and abilities with the park's needs.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who volunteer at Fort Larned NHS can work toward a special Scout Ranger patch. Learn more about the Scout Ranger Program.

Additional volunteer opportunities for which the park is seeking more visibility may be advertised through volunteer.gov. When advertised through this tool, these opportunities will appear below.


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Did You Know?

Military supply wagon at Fort Larned

Fort Larned is located directly on the Dry Route of the Santa Fe Trail, which follows the Pawnee Fork. The Wet Route, which more closely follows the Arkansas River, is just a few miles to the south. More...