• Massive petrified redwood stumps

    Florissant Fossil Beds

    National Monument Colorado

Outdoor Activities

People hiking on a gravel hiking trail past a green grassy meadow with pine covered hills in the background.
Visitors hiking on the self-guided, one-mile Petrified Forest Loop.
Cliff and Jean Dickey

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument provides a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities.

The Monument has two, self-guided nature trails that are located near the visitor center and interpret the fossil resources. Near the visitor center is also an outdoor exhibit area.

There are 14 miles of other hiking trails which are best for scenery and possibly wildlife.

Did You Know?


Both adults and aquatic nymphs (juveniles) of damselflies and dragonflies have been found at Florissant fossil beds. You can tell the insect pictured is a damselfly because the wings are held above the body instead of held out horizontally like the wings of an airplane, as in dragonflies. This image is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. To learn More...