Park Brochure

For a printed copy of the park brochure, which includes the a map of Fire Island, you may contact us and request that the Fire Island National Seashore Official Map and Guide be sent to your mailing address. Copies are also available at park visitor centers and some other locations.

Other brochures may be available at visitor centers, and some are available on-line.


Tide Tables

The annual Tide Tables booklet is produced to provide helpful information for operators of permitted vehicles who must use Fire Island beaches. Limited quantities are printed, but the tide and distance information is valued by many.

In this booklet, the times predicted for high and low tides are based on Moriches Inlet calculations.

Please visit the Wilderness Visitor Center or email us to obtain a copy.


Safety and Resource Brochures

Several resource and safety flyers are available at the park:

Fire Island National Seashore also produces Junior Ranger Activity Booklets.

Did You Know?