• Pa-Hay-okee Overlook


    National Park Florida

Pahayokee Overlook

Trail Length: 0.16 miles (260 m) round trip

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Bicycles Allowed: No

Trail Description: A raised observation platform on this boardwalk loop provides sweeping vistas of the "river of grass."

Directions to Trail: 13 miles (21 km) from the main park entrance/ Ernest Coe Visitor Center.

Pahayokee Boardwalk
Pahayokee Overlook Platform
Pahayokee Boardwalk
Pahayokee Boardwalk

Did You Know?

Prescribed Fire in Everglades National Park

On April 21, 1958, Everglades National Park conducted the first prescribed fire for ecological management in both the Park and the National Park Service. This burn pioneered using fire as a resource management tool nationwide.