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    National Park Florida


Motor Prohibited: (In all No Motor areas engine must be removed from tran­som)
-All freshwater lakes, including Paurotis and Nine Mile Pond.
-Noble Hammock and Hells Bay Canoe Trail (from the road to Lard Can).
-Long Lake to the mouth of Garfield Bight. *Note* Watercraft with engines of 6 horsepower or less are permitted on West Lake, but not beyond.
-Little Henry, Henry, Monroe, Middle and Seven Palm Lakes.
-All inland creeks and lakes north of Long Sound, Joe Bay and Little Madeira Bay except for the ponds and lakes associated with Taylor River.
-Coot Bay Pond, Mud Lake and Bear Lake.
-The Homestead Canal and all small lakes along the canal.
-All associated small lakes on Cape Sable inland from Lake Ingraham.

Motor Restrictions: (Operation of a vessel in excess of 5 mph prohibited) Everglades City Area
-Alligator Creek, Plate Creek, Halfway Creek, Gopher Key Creek where marked, and between Wilderness Waterway Markers 86 & 87. Key Largo Area
-Marker 42 Creek, the Boggies, Shell Creek, Nest Key as posted and McCormick Creek.
Flamingo Area
-Florida Bay and Whitewater Bay boat basins.
-Tarpon, Avocado, and North Prong Creeks.
-Buttonwood and East Cape Canals were marked.
-Shoreline of Florida Bay east of the marina as posted

Did You Know?

Full Moon

National Parks are some of the few places in this country where people can experience a night sky in all its magnificence, without the interference of artificial lights. In fact, a night sky monitoring program is being implemented in the National Park System to inventory light pollution.