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    National Park Florida

Guy Bradley Trail

Trail Length: 1 mile (1.6 km) one way

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Bicycles Allowed: Yes

Trail Description: Mingle with a variety of birds and butterflies as you amble along the shore of Florida Bay. Old pier pilings are a reminder that Flamingo was once a small fishing village. The trail was named for Audubon warden Guy Bradley, who was killed in 1905 while trying to protect a bird rookery in Florida Bay.

Directions to Trail: This trail is a scenic short-cut from the Flamingo Visitor Center to the Flamingo Campground day-use area.

Guy Bradley Trail
View of Florida Bay along the Guy Bradley Trail
Guy Bradley Trail
A passageway along the Guy Bradley Trail

Did You Know?

Soft-Shell Turtle

Soft-shell turtles may not have the protective hard covering seen on other turtles, but they make up for that with relatively greater speeds in the water. Also, their long noses are well adapted for snorkeling. These amazing animals seem perfectly built for a life in the Everglades!