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Everglades by Car Audio Tour

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Visitors are invited to explore the unique Everglades landscape with this audio tour. Thirteen narrated tracks lead listeners on a guided exploration down the main park road. With stops at all the park's main visitor areas, the tour is a great way to make the most of your Everglades experience!

To listen to this podcast on your computer, its best to download the free Windows Media Player. Otherwise, you may choose to right-click on each title, save each file, and play them through your favorite application. You can also access the podcast by downloading iTunes for free. Once iTunes is installed, you can subscribe to the podcast using the link to the right.

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Did You Know?


Limestone is the porous, sedimentary rock you see in the Everglades. These rocks are made of calcium and contain fossils of sea life, evidence of ancient seas that once covered the area. The limestone aquifer under the Everglades acts as the principal water recharge area for all of south Florida.