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Everglades National Park Quick Facts

Everglades National Park is:

  • Largest continuous stand of sawgrass prairie in North America.
  • Predominant water recharge area for all of South Florida through the Biscayne aquifer.
  • A World Heritage Site, a Biosphere Reserve, a Wetland of International Significance, and an Outstanding Florida Water.
  • Home of fourteen endangered and nine threatened species.
  • Largest mangrove ecosystem in the western hemisphere.
  • Largest designated wilderness in the southeast.
  • Most significant breeding grounds for tropical wading birds in North America.
  • Site of significant ethnographic resources.
  • Site of a nationally significant estuarine complex in Florida Bay.
  • Only subtropical preserve on the North American continent.
  • Major "edge" area of the northern and southern limits for many species creating a unique mingling of diverse temperate and subtropical species

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Everglades National Park preserves one of the largest stands of pine rockland in the world. This globally imperiled ecosystem is also considered one of the most biologically diverse areas in South Florida.