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Alien Invasive Species Images

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Burmese Python
National Park Service

Burmese python, Python molorus bivittatus
National Park Service Photo

Burmese Python

Typical of the burmese pythons being found in the park today.

National Park Service

Burmese Pythons continue to be found in Everglades National Park. This photo is of a snake found in the park.

Park Herptologist Skip Snow with captured python

Everglades National Park wildlife biologist with captured Burmese python, an invasive exotic animal to this park

Photo Courtesy Everglades National Park

Dr. Skip Snow in lab with Burmese python captured in Everglades National Park

Did You Know?

Tropical Hardwood Hammock

The “high and dry” tree islands of the Everglades are called tropical hardwood hammocks. The park marks a significant edge of the northern limits of many subtropical plants and the southern limits of many temperate plants. This provides quite a unique and beautiful landscape.