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GMP Newsletters and Summaries

Park Management/ Park Planning/ General Management Plan

As Everglades National Park develops its new General Management Plan, newsletters are distributed to provide the public any new information or documents that have been developed. The newsletters are attached to the highlighted text below.

General Management Plan Gulf Coast Site Redevelopment Newsletter December 2011

General Management Plan Public Comment Summary for Newsletter Five August 2009

General Management Plan Newsletter Five March 2009
Revised Preliminary Alternatives for Marine Waters

General Management Plan Supplement
Supplements Newsletter Four - June 2007

General Management Plan Newsletter Four
Preliminary Alternatives - May 2007

General Management Plan Newsletter Three
East Everglades Wilderness Study - June 2006

General Management Plan Newsletter Two
Summary of Comments - September 2003

General Management Plan Newsletter One

Did You Know?

Wood Stork

A pair of endangered wood storks need about 440 pounds of fish during a breeding season to feed themselves and their young. Everglades National Park serves as an important nursery ground for raising their chicks.