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Name That Tune: Everglades Edition

Can you name my tune?

Can you name my tune?

NPS photo by Rodney Cammauf

Test your skill at identifying common sounds heard in Everglades National Park. Listen to each of the following sound clips that are presented below in random order, making notes about which sound matches the letter associated with each sound clip. Should you get stumped, read the hints that are written below each sound clip. After you're done, scroll down to the bottom of the page to compare your answers with the answer key.

Listed alphabetically, the sounds include:

  • Anhinga
  • Alligator
  • Alligator and pig frog
  • Cricket frog
  • Eastern screech owl
  • Great egret
  • Green tree frog
  • Gulf toadfish
  • Pig frog
  • Seminole bat
  • Southern leopard frog
  • Thunderstorm













Answer Key

Listed by letter:

A. Thunderstorm
B. Alligator
C. Green tree frog
D. Great egret
E. Pig frog
F. Seminole bat
G. Southern leopard frog
H. Anhinga
I. Gulf toadfish
J. Alligator and pig frog
K. Eastern screech owl
L. Cricket frog

Listed alphabetically:

  • Anhinga - H
  • Alligator - B
  • Alligator and pig frog - J
  • Cricket frog - L
  • Eastern screech owl - K
  • Great egret - D
  • Green tree frog - C
  • Gulf toadfish - I
  • Pig frog - E
  • Seminole bat - F
  • Southern leopard frog - G
  • Thunderstorm - A

How'd you do?

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The Ten Thousand Islands area of Everglades National Park composes part of the largest stand of protected mangrove forest in the Western Hemisphere. South Florida's coast serves as a vital nursery ground for many of our most prized commercial and recreational marine species.