Everglades National Park Quick Facts

Everglades National Park is:

  • Largest continuous stand of sawgrass prairie in North America.
  • Predominant water recharge area for all of South Florida through the Biscayne aquifer.
  • A World Heritage Site, a Biosphere Reserve, a Wetland of International Significance, and an Outstanding Florida Water.
  • Home of fourteen endangered and nine threatened species.
  • Largest mangrove ecosystem in the western hemisphere.
  • Largest designated wilderness in the southeast.
  • Most significant breeding grounds for tropical wading birds in North America.
  • Site of significant ethnographic resources.
  • Site of a nationally significant estuarine complex in Florida Bay.
  • Only subtropical preserve on the North American continent.
  • Major "edge" area of the northern and southern limits for many species creating a unique mingling of diverse temperate and subtropical species

Did You Know?