Modified Water Deliveries (MWD)

Originally initiated by Congress as part of the 1989 Everglades Expansion and Protection Act, the MWD project aims to improve water deliveries into the park. Since the implementation of the Central & Southern Florida Project, artificial distributions of water have left some areas of the park unnaturally wet, while others remain too dry. The MWD project endeavors to restore a more natural flow of water to Northeast Shark Slough, thereby alleviating western Shark Slough from unusually high water levels.

Because the MWD project is expected to increase water levels around some developed areas, full implementation likely remains years away. Project partners must carefully consider the full effects of their actions for endangered species, public roadways, and private residents. It is expected, however, that once such issues have been resolved, the plan will yield new life for the Everglades through enhanced water flows.

Did You Know?