Burmese Pythons: How to Help



Preventing the introduction of nonnative species begins at home, largely in the choices we make as consumers. From the plants we grown in our gardens to the animals we bring home as pets, we should learn as much as possible before making a purchases. Download Florida Invaders below for more about what to know and do-it provides a good primer about what's at stake!

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Click here to visit the Florida Invaders website and download the publication

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If you have a non-domesticated animal you can no longer care for, consider attending one of the Nonnative Pet Amnesty Days presented by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.





The eyes and ears of the south Florida community represent the first line of defense against new invasions. As we go about our day-to-day business, its important to be aware of our surroundings and be on the lookout for nonnative plants and animals. Quickly reporting observations is critical for averting decades of costly long-term management.

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Report suspected invaders by phone at
1-888-Ive-Got1 or online at IveGot1.org

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Download the IveGot1 App for your smartphone to help report new invaders on the fly!





The topic of invasive species provides numerous opportunities to explore basic concepts in the interplay between biology and ecology. Raising awareness of the issue with students will leave them better informed and prepared to make responsible decisions in years ahead.

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Download the Don't Let It Loose Curriculum Guide and other educational resources.





If you frequently spend time outdoors exploring natural areas around south Florida, we need your help! Your ability to quickly report and/or remove nonnative species can be an invaluable in help to efforts currently underway.

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Take the free, Introduced Reptile Early Detection & Documentation (REDDy) Course to learn how to properly how to recognize and report large, invasive reptiles.

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Interested in catching pythons? View information on the FWC Python Permit Program.

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