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A Battery Photo Album

Launch Area During Tent City Years 1962 - 1965
Launch Area in Tent City 1962 - 1965
US Army
Nike Unloading
Nike Hercules Unloading in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
US Army
Squad Tent
Home Sweet Home, a Squad Tent in former tomato fields in South Florida.
Nike Veteran
Tent City Nike Missile Base
Soldier in tent city 1962 - 1965
Nike Veteran
missile in barn
Nike Hercules Missile inside section Barn. Nike sites in South Florida were all above ground installations.
Nike Veteran
Rusty's gremlin_with pink walls
A Soldiers Gemlin at A Battery in South Florida.
Nike Veteran
view towards Iori Farms
A Battery was positioned adjacent to the Iori family farm within Everglades National Park.
Rusty Eads
HM-69 IFC mid 1960's
Radar Towers at A Battery Integrated Fire Control (IFC)
Tom Sutterfeldt
HM-69 Outside Break Area Tom Sutterfield September 69
Soldiers of the 2nd Missile Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillary at A Battery.
Tom Sutterfeldt
A Btry PX Chris Doyle waits on Bob Steinmetz et al
Chirs Doyle works at the Px at A Battery, Bob Steinmetz at the counter.
Nike Veteran
ASP missile assembly10 by Richard Koone
Training in the desert at the missile assembly area.
Richard Koone
Chris Doyle in Quarters1968
Chris Doyle enjoys the barracks at A Battery, 1968
Nike Veteran
Ray Ferrell (FG) and Sgt Valpando at ABAR 1968
Ray Ferrell and Sgt Valpando changing out a radar unit, 1968
Ray Ferrell
Ted Swanson in his Alpha 283 Chevy in 1968
Ted Swanson shows off his Chevy Alpha 283, 1968
Nike Veteran

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