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A habitat is a home

Every living thing needs a habitat!

Even you need a habitat to live in.

So, what is a habitat?

A habitat is a home for plants and animals.


Habitats are great because they provide:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Shelter for protection; from storms and other wild animals
  4. and your own personal Space to live in (you could also call your personal space, your territory)

Like the plants and animals of the Everglades, we humans need these things in our homes too.

The 4 habitat resources

Think about it, would you like to live in your home if there wasn’t enough food and water to eat and drink? What about a solid roof over your head to protect you from storms? If you have a brother or sister, you probably want your own space too.

These four resources, (food, water, shelter, and space) are the traits of a successful and healthy habitat for the plants and animals of the Everglades.

The Everglades has many habitats. For now, we’ll focus on four:


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Did You Know?

Ibis in Flight

In the 1800s John James Audubon noted that the sky was often darkened by the flocks of numerous birds above. Since the early 20th century, around 93% of the wading bird population has vanished. Much of the wildlife left in south Florida depends on Everglades National Park for a home.