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Frequently Asked Questions


Can one ticket be bought for all the National Park Service (NPS) sites in Hyde Park?

There is no single ticket for all the NPS site. An upgrade is offered, if a ticket is purchased for the Home of FDR/FDR Presidential Museum ( $14.00 ) and one other NPS site for $8.00. The third NPS site you visit will be free.

Is the Golden Age Passport good at all the sites in Hyde Park?

The Golden Age Passport and the National Parks Pass are honored at all the National Park Service site in Hyde Park. The passes are not valid for entrance into the FDR Presidential Library and Museum, run by the National Archives and Records Administration. There is a fee of $7.00 for anyone 16 and older to visit the FDR Museum. The Golden Access Passport is honored by both the NPS and the FDR Presidential Library and Museum for free admission.

When is the best time to visit?

Late June and September are good times to visit and the weather is still nice. Arriving in the morning ensures time to visit all the NPS sites and you will have more time in the FDR Presidential Library and Museum.

Do I need to go on a guided tour?

The only access to the sites operated by the National Park Service in Hyde Park is by guided tour. The FDR Presidential Library and Museum is self-guided. Guided tours are given to ensure the protection and preservation of the NPS homes. Guided tours allow for a more personal experience while visiting the NPS sites. The grounds, gardens, and trails are free and open from dawn to dusk.

Can photos be taken inside the homes?

No photography of any kind is allowed in the historic houses.

Did You Know?

Eleanor Roosevelt on her wedding day

Eleanor Roosevelt married FDR on March 17, 1905 (St. Patrick's Day) in NYC. Her uncle, President Theodore Roosevelt walked her down the aisle.