Dry Tortugas Park Regulations

Dry Tortugas Park Regulations, en espanol

If you are looking for information on the regulations for fishing, boating and general park concerns this will help answer the majority of your questions.


Boat Permits and Mooring Buoys

A boat permit is required for all non-commercial vessels engaged in recreational activities and all activities in the RNA. P
ermits are free and required as of 2010. New mooring buoys have been installed for day use in the RNA. more...

Protect yourself, protect the reef!

Protect yourself, protect the reef!
As a visitor to the park and the reefs, you can reduce the risk of harming coral by taking a more "reef friendly" approach to sun protection.


Kayaking the Dry Tortugas

Kayaking can be a great way to explore the Dry Tortugas. Download this brochure for tips and safety information.


Map of Garden Key

If you are bringing your own vessel, this will show you were the anchorage area, docks, dingy beach, snorkeling locations and other areas necessary to know before you visit.


Camping at Dry Tortugas

For individuals or small groups looking to camp, here is all that you will need to know about camping at this remote park.


Dry Tortugas Camping Checklist

For those concerned they might leave to go camping and forget something important. No need to worry, here is a list of what to bring.


Dry Tortugas Newspaper

Discover the park's history, as well as information on visiting, activities, and the natural wonders of the Dry Tortugas.


The Underground Railroad at Fort Jefferson

Find out more about this park's past that most do not know about.


What is the Dry Tortugas Research Natural Area?

What is the Dry Tortugas Research Natural Area? En espanol

Read about the RNA, its purpose and how it impacts where visitors are allowed to fish.


Windjammer Wreck Site Bulletin 07

Find out about the secrets that this park holds just below the crystal blue water.


Bird Key Wreck Information Brochure

Find out about the secrets that this park holds just below the crystal blue water.


Bird List for Dry Tortugas National Park

This checklist is for birders and anyone who would like to keep track of what species they see on their visit to the park.


Life on Loggerhead

Peer into the historic lighthouse life of this park.


2007-2008 South Florida Parks Trip Planner

The southern tip of Florida has several national parks at the visitors disposal. Feel free to find out more about these locations and the activities they offer.

totten shutter

Dry Tortugas Totten Shutters

One of the most important features of Fort Jefferson is the original iron Totten Shutters; a uniquely designed and highly engineered defense feature. Ultimately the Totten Shutter became the first time that armor became a standard element of harbor defenses as a result of extensive experimentation and exhaustive study by one man; Joseph G. Totten

Preserving Fort Jefferson provides a unique challenge to National Park Service employees and contractors. The remote marine environment, the logistical difficulties, and the size of the fort conspire to make restoring the fort seem daunting. However, highly skilled contractors are now hard at work to insure that Fort Jefferson will be preserved for future generations.


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