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    Devils Tower

    National Monument Wyoming


Devils Tower National Monument publishes a wide variety of brochures and site bulletins. These publications are distributed by the park and may be downloaded from this page.
The brochures and site bulletins below, require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. For best results, we suggest that you download the file to your computer before viewing or printing.



There are always new things happening at Devils Tower National Monument. You can stay in touch by reading our Park Newspaper, The Tower Columns.



Devils Tower National Monument Official Brochure (2746kb pdf file)
This black and white version provides a brief introduction to the park.



How To Get The Most From Your Visit (50kb pdf file)
General information about fees, camping, activities, and more.



Geology (41kb pdf file)
"How did this amazing formation form?"



Current Issues (107kb pdf file)
Controversial issues face many of our national parks today. These are some of the issues at Devils Tower National Monument.



American Indians & the Tower(76kb pdf file)
American Indian people have long considered the Tower a place or spiritual and cultural importance.



Information for Climbers (68kb pdf file)

Rock climbing at Devils Tower is a popular recreational activity.


How Do They Get Up There? (233kb pdf file)

For over 100 years, climbers have tested their skills on the vertical faces of Devils Tower. Using various techniques and specialized equipment, climbers have inched their way up - and down - the steep walls.


Resource Issues: Floods, Prairie Dogs, Fire, Exotic Invaders (251kb pdf file)

The Resource Management staff at Devils Tower National Monument are involved in many projects to inventory, monitor, and protect the natural systems that occur within the monument in order to maximize the park's health and diversity.

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