• Devils Tower

    Devils Tower

    National Monument Wyoming


Visitor Center

Built in 1935, the log structure features exhibits on Devils Tower. The doorway will accommodate wheelchairs up to 35 inches in width. Curb cuts allow access to drinking fountains, benches, binoculars, and information kiosk in the center plaza area. Accessible restrooms are located in the first log building on the right as one enters the visitor center parking lot.


Four sites in the campground are accessible - sites A-2, A-4, B-11, and B-25. Campground restrooms are accessible.


The outdoor amphitheater is wheelchair accessible. Restrooms are not available at the amphitheater.

Picnic Area

The restrooms and drinking fountain are accessible. Two picnic tables will accommodate wheelchairs. They are located on either side of the sidewalk before you reach the restrooms.


The 1.3 mile Tower Trail circles the base of the Tower and is paved. The trail has steep grades and is not recommended for wheelchair users. The steepest part of the trail can be seen from the Visitor Center parking lot. Please use your own judgment on this trail. Other trails in the monument are not accessible.

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