• America's First

    Devils Tower

    National Monument Wyoming

Natural Features & Ecosystems

Devils Tower National Monument was established through presidential proclamation to preserve and protect the geologic formation known as Devils Tower and the surrounding forests and meadows. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to maintain a completely natural ecosystem within this small 1347 acre monument. Many outside influences affect the plants, animals, and landscape at Devils Tower. Humans manipulate the environment for their own purposes; fires are suppressed; non-native plants and animals make their way into the area. The Resource Management staff at Devils Tower are involved in many projects to inventory, monitor, and allow natural systems to occur within the monument which maximize the health and diversity.

Did You Know?

Devils Tower at sunset

It is believed that the Tower got its name when Colonel Dodge's translator misinterpreted the name to mean Bad God's Tower, later shortened to Devils Tower. Some Indians call it Mato Tipila, meaning Bear Lodge. Other American Indian names include Bear’s Tipi, Home of the Bear, and Tree Rock.