Laws & Policies

Denali's enabling legislation is the starting point for understanding the purpose of the park. Any park unit's enabling legislation outlines the specific reason(s) why Congress designated the place a national park (or national preserve, etc).

There are a variety of rules and regulations that dictate how the park must be managed. These regulations help us protect park resources while also providing visitors with a safe and enjoyable experience.

Management Plans
A variety of management plans inform and direct the day-to-day decisions of park managers. Various plans, like Denali's General Management Plan, Backcountry Management Plan, and others, live on the park planning section of our website.

Hunting and Park Boundary Information
Sport and subsistence hunting is permitted in certain parts of Denali, as well as many areas adjacent to the park. It is your responsibility to know the different regulations, and your location while hunting in this area.

Did You Know?