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  • Road Open to: Mile 15 (Savage River)

    The Denali Park Road is open to Mile 15, Savage River. Conditions beyond this point prevent vehicle travel, though pedestrian travel is permitted. More »

History & Culture

montage of five images, showing a man digging a hole, a dirt road winding through green hills towards a white mountain, an old pair of snowshoes, a dilapidated cabin and cart, and a Native Alaskan woman filleting a fish
L to R: prehistoric archeology, landscape of the park road and Denali, crampons from museum collection, historic mining structures, and subsistence activity (processing fish harvest)
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Subsistence Opportunities

The subsistence program at Denali helps protect the opportunity for qualified local rural residents to continue traditional subsistence activities. The program ensures management of park resources to be consistent with conservation of unimpaired ecosystems and natural and healthy populations of fish and wildlife. Management incorporates traditional ecological knowledge with scientific data and principles. Learn more about subsistence use of animals and the land in Denali.

Understanding and Protecting the Human History of Denali

The Cultural Resources program at Denali documents and shares the stories of people and the land, now and in the past, and helps preserve places and objects with special history. People have made their homes on lands now within park boundaries for perhaps as long as 12,000 years.

Learn about Denali's archeology program

Discover how people use this land

  • Alaska Natives in and near Denali
  • Early Explorers and Expeditions
  • Mountaineering
  • Subsistence Activities Today

Read up on park history

  • Historic Structures
  • Historic Themes
  • Park Administrative History
  • Denali Park Road
  • Interviews and Transcripts

Delve into Denali's museum collections

Find out how we protect Denali's cultural resources

  • Buildings and Bridges, Cabins and Cairns
  • Inventories and Condition Assessments
  • Section 106 and the National Historic Register

Did You Know?

a thin green plant against a background of white clouds, blue sky and bright sun

Visibility is an important component of measuring Denali's air quality. Visibility data, such as that from the Wonder Lake camera, supplements chemical data from filter samples. Air here is still clean, but traces of pollution from local, regional and international sources exists on filter samples.