Park History

Snapshots From the Past

Written by former park historian Jane Bryant, Snapshots from the Past explores park history through a tour of the park road.

Published by Clemson University, the book is available for free from Download Snapshots From the Past

Crown Jewel of the North: An Administrative History of Denali

The park administrative history is the definitive story of Denali National Park and Preserve. Published in two volumes (2006 for the first, 2008 for the second), they explore the circumstances surrounding the creation of this park; its early and modern management challenges; and the colorful characters who have called this area home.

The two volumes combined are 90 MB, and so they have been broken into the following sections for ease of use:

Volume 1

Volume II

Volume I (complete, 10 mb)
Volume II (complete, 63 mb)

Selected Documents and Reports


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